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Hello Everyone! In the event you've missed me over the last few weeks, I've been quite busy trying to figure out how to make a pirouge from my cardboard box and newspaper! Why you might ask? Well the rain is ridiculous and a girl must be paw-pared!! I know I'm dramatic, I live in a high-rise! Water really isn't an issue for me, but hey, my job is to share my experience, so if someone can benefit, why not?!! No luck yet, but if I figure it out you guys will be the first to know, after Dr. D of course. 

Enough about my life, let me try to help you save a life! Yes, save a life. Yours (they put people in jail for this) and most im-paw-tanly your pet's! Furrst the heat as in temperature, not Tabasco, is inescapable in South Louisiana, and second, if you don't listen you could be in a lot of Heat, the orange kind!!! Ok, Ok Doris, stop the dramatics. Any how it is hot and your pets need to be paw-tected!

The normal temperature in a gal like me and my canine counterparts is approx. 101.5 but can rise quite rapidly in the summer heat with temperatures raising higher than 105! Dr. D.told me once about a dog's temperature so high that the thermometer couldn't register! Poor dog was splayed out in a cow field! A temperature this high can lead to seizures, organ failure and death! So to prevent this we need our humans to keep these things in mind:

1. Avoid leaving us in a parked car, even with a cracked window

2. No play in the heat of the day (10am- 6pm)

3. Keep us out of the direct sun! Shade and lemonade would be nice!

4. And keep the fresh liquids coming so we don't get dehydrated

5. High humidity is just as bad as the heat! Excessive panting = dehydration 

6. If you have a short nosed or brachycephalic breed (bulldog) be EXTRA careful.  These guys can konk out in less than 2 minutes!

7. If for some reason your pet is found suffering from heat exhaustion, apply cool, not cold water and get to a Vet Clinic immedately!

8. If you can't provide a cool environment for your pet during the day, may veterinary clinics offer daycare and day lodging! Call for rates.

9. Accidents do happen and even when being most cautious heat stroke/exhaustion can occur. Respond quickly and get your pet help as fast as you can.  Underlying disease can make these type of events  more likely to occur.

10. Always ask the Vet if you have questions about your pet and heat related stress as is relates to their lifestyle. Your pet will thank you for it!

Well, that's my two cents for now! Until next time stay cool and calm! CHAO!!!!