Holiday Safety Tips

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With the holiday season approaching, it is important that we help our clients keep their pets healthy and safe through the season. Check out the pointers below from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

 AVMA’s top 10 Holiday Health Tips:
• Keep table scraps out of your pet’s diet. “Salty, spicy and greasy” can be 
deadly for pets.  Fatty foods can cause pancreatitis, a 
life-threatening condition in dogs, and chicken bones can splinter inside an 
animal’s stomach. Make sure your dog can’t get leftovers from the trash.
• Chocolate should be out of reach of dogs because it’s poisonous to them. 
The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous — with baker’s chocolate 
being the most deadly.
• Avoid sweets. A study reported in a veterinary medical journal in 2006 linked 
xylitol — a common sweetener in baked goods, candy and chewing gum — 
with liver failure and death in dogs.
• Give your pet healthy holiday snacks. Recipes are available on the Internet, 
or you can visit a pet store/bakery. Ask your veterinarian about healthy 
• Anchor your holiday tree. It’s a temptation for pets, and if it topples, it 
can cause severe injuries. Keep pets away from the tree water, as tree 
preservatives and sap can cause gastrointestinal problems.
• Never leave a pet alone with a lit candle or 
exposed flame, and be wary of exposed extension 
• Don’t let pets dine on holiday plants. Don’t let pets dine on holiday plants. Poinsettia, holly, cedar, balsam, pine and mistletoe are 
• Be careful about ornaments. Cats sometimes 
consume tinsel and other small decorations that can 
block the intestines.
• Don’t go off to a holiday party and leave your pet 
with access to table scraps or anything that might 
be dangerous. If your dog becomes sick while you’re 
away, it could be a tragic holiday.
• Finally, don’t give a pet as a holiday gift. Giving 
up an inappropriate new pet in January can be 

We hope the information above will aid in you and your pet being able to have a wonderful stress-free holiday! Please call our office for more information on how to keep your pets safe this holiday! Happy Harvest and Season's Greetings to all!