Heartworm Prevention Month

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"PURR-SENTING"............ SAINT DORIS I!!!!

Me-yow and bonjour, y'all! From now on you will have the pleasure of hearing from me purr-iodically about veterinary topics of interest. I am very excited about my new assignment and about sharing my purr-fect knowledge and expertise with all of my extended  HAHPL family!
April as many of you may be aware is Heartworm Awareness and Prevention Month. That heartworm is S-C-A-R-Y to me!! Why you might ask? First, it is highly contagious and second it can be F-A-T-A-L! I'm spelling because the sounds of those words makes the hair on the back of my neck rise; not a good feeling! Yes, that means your pet can D-I-E! YIKES!!!!
The good thing, if there can be anything remotely good about a disease, is that it can be PREVENTED!!!!!
For those of you who may be living on a planet other than Earth and have NEVER heard the word heartworm mentioned, I have listed a few things EVERY pet owner should know about this disease. You will be an expert and I will gladly except catnip greenies for my efforts!

1. Heartworm disease is a roundworm found in the heart and lungs of dogs and     cats.
2. Heartworms are NOT spread in the feces like other worms but through
    mosquito bites. ( you know we get bitten all year long down here)
3.  Dogs and Cats can get heartworms even if they live INDOORS!
4. Most cases of sudden death in cats is related to heartworm disease.(I get
    revolution monthly for that)
5. It doesn't matter your neighborhood, city or state, the mosquito is an equal  
    opportunity distributor of this disease.  ( cases in all 50 states)
6. Heartworm disease can only be definitively diagnosed through a blood test.
7. Clinical symptoms may include coughing, edema (fluid retention), lethargy, 
    and weight loss.
8. Treatment can be costly and take a toll on the patient's body.
9. Can be misdiagnosed as Asthma in cats.

There you have it, all you really need to know about heartworms. HOWEVER number 10....that's the winning number.  I'll give you one more bit of my ex-purr-tise! Call our office, schedule an appointment with Dr. Davis (my human) or Dr. Poirrier, have your pet tested, and started on heartworm medication TODAY!