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Now that fall is here and the hustle and bustle of family vacation, summer camp, and all things summer are gone, it is important that we take time to focus on year round wellness for our pets. It is pretty obvious when fleas have our pets scratching relentlessly and losing hair, but it is harder to tell if they have the slightest limp or if there are changes in their urine. We think that foul mouth odor is due to the ingredients in their diets, or from licking their backsides. We blame their decreased appetite and laying around on the torturous Louisiana heat or age, when in all actuality our pet's body is trying to tell us… "Houston We Have A Problem!”  The problem may actually be small with an easy fix, but if left unattended it could cause long-term problems for your pet, or may even be fatal.

So, in an effort to provide exceptional care and year round wellness to all of our patients, we are having our Annual Fall Wellness Festival from October 23 to December 6, 2013. During this time we will be offering discounted services for all canine and feline patients whose pet parents want to know what’s going on beneath the fur! The Fall Festival package includes a comprehensive physical exam, arthritis evaluation for senior pets, body condition score, extensive oral exam of the teeth and gums and dietary consultation for all patients. It also includes a complete blood panel, kidney, liver and pancreatic function tests, electrolyte evaluation, thyroid function test, and urine test. There is also a Heart Disease test that can be added for an additional charge.  We highly recommend the additional testing for susceptible breeds (i.e. Dobermans, spaniels, Boston terriers, poodles, boxers, all cats).  For one price of $185.00 (add $10 for heart disease test) you can have an inside view of your pets overall health.  SENIOR PETS MAY QUALIFY FOR FREE FOOD!!!! We have decided to continue our $199.00 Dental Special until the end of the year as well! Total body Health and Fresh Breath just in time for the Holiday!  In their honor, your pet’s name will be placed on our “Tree of Life” in the lobby, to be on display until the mid-December. Print this email and bring it to your appointment to receive an additional savings of $10.00. Don’t miss out!! Schedule your appointment today! Call our office at (985) 345-5157 for more information or with any questions.